Quit Smoking In 15 Minutes
  with Laser Integrative Medicine

                 The Benefits                    

  • No drugs - no side effects
  • No pain
  • Curbs craving 
  • Safe, fast & highly effective
  • Improves other health conditions - cough, tight chest, shortness of breath, breathing, reduce inflammation and clear toxin and blockages
  • No nicotine patch or gum
  • One-off treatment possible
  • Wholistic treatment with herbs & supplements
  • Treat causes - not just symptoms
  • Relieves stress
  • Energises your body's system and improve immunity & circulation
  • Treats withdrawal symptoms
  • Diet & Nutritional/Weight Control Programs
  • Lifestyle & Spiritual Program
  • Fast & affordable

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We pioneered the first Government-accredited courses in laser medicine - Dermatological, Musculoskeletal and Pain Relief - accredited in 2003. This was followed by a Graduate Diploma course also covering Addiction, Emotional Disorders, Gynaecological, Immunity, Digestive and Metabolic Imbalance. To find out about our nationally recognised laser training courses in Hair Removal, Dermal, Pigments and Vascular disorders and Tattoo Removal





Can Trust
  • Laser Practitioner, Dr Li Meikin Rees, PhD
  • Practising lasers since 1983
  • Laser science/therapeutic & cosmetic educator
  • PhD clinical research abstract nominated for Best Basic Science & Translational Research at American Society for Laser Medicine & Surgery Annual Conference, San Diego, California, April 2017 
  • Pioneered Australia's first Government-accredited course in laser/IPL hair removal and photo rejuvenation
  • Developed "world-first" course officially accredited by Aust Govt. in laser integrative therapy
  • President, Australian Association for Laser Therapy
  • Fellow, American Society of Laser Medicine & Surgery
  • Member, World Association
  • for Laser Therapy
  • Deputy Chair, NSW State Committee of the Australian Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine Association (AACMA)
  • Felllow, AAACMA
  • Member, Australian Traditonal Medicine Society (ATMS)

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